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Scaling Through Digital & AI

Looking to give your team new superpowers? Digital-led programs empower teams to expand their reach, efficiently scale operations, and deliver more value to customers even with limited resources. Join this track to hear how CS, community, and product leaders leverage digital and AI-powered strategies to help their customers - and cross-functional teams - succeed at scale. Unleash your team's potential and stay ahead in the digital age.

Getting Started Fast with CS

Whether you're getting started on your customer success journey or exploring ways to simplify your existing processes, this track is for you. Learn from experts and peers on how to scale your journey at the pace that suits your needs - and your customers’ needs - most efficiently and effectively.

Drive Product Adoption via Cohesive Journeys

An exceptional product experience is critical to your customers and users success. Join this track to learn from the experts how you can leverage usage data and in-app, digital engagements to turn your product into a star player on your team. Unlock the power of your product to drive adoption, retention and expansion at scale.

Durable Growth Through Community and Education

Do your customers have the resources they need to succeed and grow? Fostering customer education and building communities are essential components of any CS program, leading to better outcomes and retention. This track will touch on how you can leverage communities and academies to build value through education, scale self-service support, and encourage peer-to-peer relationships that spur your customers to become advocates - and raving fans - of your business.

Must-Have Skills for an Impactful CSM

Join this track to learn more about what it takes to be an impactful CSM. At the end of the day, customer success is all about building and nurturing relationships, knowing the customer’s needs, and achieving outcomes with a human-first approach. This track will help CSMs identify - and embrace - the skills and qualities that make up a world-class Customer Success team member.