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To get the most out of your Pulse experience, we’ve created 10 unique tracks that cater to your specific experience level, business goals, and areas of interest.


Scaling massively with Digital Engagement

Digital-first is the preferred way that most customers want to engage, and digital engagement is the only way to ensure no customers are ever ignored. Learn from customer success, product, and community experts on the best strategies to engage your customers and your community in personalized yet highly scalable ways.


Success with Product-Led Strategies

Join us for a full day of content intended to cover multiple product-led strategies that are being embraced by product leaders at multiple companies. Get inspired by some of the brightest minds in product who are using product analytics, in-product engagement, and community engagement to generate pipeline, acquire customers, drive adoption and expansion, and influence roadmap strategy.


Starting Simple and winning fast

If you are just getting started on your customer success journey, or exploring ways to simplify product onboarding or adoption, this track is for you. Hear from experts and peers on how to get started fast and stay laser focused on delivering valuable outcomes in weeks, not months.


Growing and Optimizing Net Revenue Retention

Net Revenue Retention is not just a customer success metric. It is now a metric that drives company valuations and market cap. Hear from leaders who will provide tips on how to plan and execute cross-functionally to improve NRR.


Driving Growth Cross-Functionally and Community-Wide

Cross-functional priorities such as driving product adoption, increasing net-revenue retention, improving customer satisfaction, and driving advocacy need a unified approach across multiple teams in your company. It also requires effective digital engagement with your customer community. Hear from experts who will share their lessons on how to achieve this unified approach.


Cutting edge growth strategies for advanced teams

As companies mature their operations and strategy, understanding how to level-up and answer the question “what’s next?” is key. In this track, we will talk about how leveraging AI-powered tools, optimizing processes and surfacing more meaningful insights from your customer data can help your business scale adoption, engagement, and growth.


turning cs ops into a strategic advantage

Hear from CS Operations experts as they share best practices on a range of topics including building a CS Operations function, developing your post-sales operations strategy and roadmap, maturing and scaling your CS strategy to drive efficient growth.


Managing enterprise complexity and scale

Hear from leaders who will reveal how they overcame the challenges of improving adoption and retention at large multi-product, geographically distributed enterprises with multiple stakeholders and massive user communities.


designing customer journeys that drive outcomes

Understanding your customers and creating a connected user experience are key to delivering the outcomes your customers desire. In this track, our speakers will share tangible strategies that blend human touch and digital touch approaches that deliver value at every stage of the customer journey.


vertical industry perspectives

Different industries have different approaches to driving adoption and delivering valuable outcomes for customers. In this track, learn from innovative companies across a diverse set of industries that have unique approaches to deliver superior customer experiences, ensuring customers are seeing value, and growing customer revenue.

TRACK eleven

Human-First Leadership       

We strive to be living proof that you can win in business while being human first. In this track, learn how to navigate career changes and transitions, our experts will discuss how to be a leader and build a strong community, and so much more! Let’s talk about how we can bring humanity back into this technology-driven world.

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