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LIVE & STREAMING • JUNE 9-11, 2021

Top Picks:
Simplifying Customer Success

Think of this track as Season One, Episode One of Customer Success. Whether you’re just starting or are taking the first steps to build out the function, these sessions will impart the most important elements you’ll need to create a best-in-class customer success organization.

New Releases:
Aligning Sales and Customer Success

Benson and Stabler. Shrek and Donkey. Grace and Frankie. Sales and Customer Success. What do these iconic duos have in common? While they have their differences, they work better together. In this track, we’ll share ways that your pre- and post-sales teams can collaborate and stay aligned to create successful, life-long customers.

Customer Success Operations

Without Janet, there is no Good Place. Without Alfred, there is no Batman. Without customer success operations, there is no CS organization. You’re an essential part of keeping the customer success org running smoothly and in this track, you’ll learn tactics on how to do just that.

Familiar Favorites:
Customer Success at Scale

You’ve gathered your team of customer-focused superheroes, implemented the best tech, and have solid processes in place. Now all that’s left is to save the world! Well, save your customers’ worlds. In this track, you’ll learn how to scale your customer success strategies to become a fully customer-centric company. CCOs, assemble!

Pulse Originals:
End-to-End Value

Like a good movie, your post-sales journey should keep customers captivated from beginning to end. Learn how companies like yours are aligning around customer outcomes and delivering value at every stage.

Watch Next:
Customer Success Strategy

When it comes to customer success, you always need to be one step ahead. But if you feel like you’re in a giant game of CCO’s Gambit, attend this track to learn strategies that will help you win. You’ll get into the minds of your investors, anticipate outcomes, sharpen your retention-driving skills, and much more.

Trending Now:
Product Adoption and Experience

We’re all binge-watchers, but are your customers binge-users? Create a product adoption strategy as captivating as the latest docuseries with tactics that will help you deliver a seamless experience that brings users back for more.